Pre Conference Workshops

  • Hands-on Cadaveric Workshop on Trauma Exposures
  • Basics of Ventilatory Management for Surgeons
  • Trauma Radiology Workshop
  • Hands-on workshop on Animal Model for Trauma exposure
  • Wound Care Workshop for Nurses
  • Basic ventilatory management for Nurses

Residents Research Forum

  • Research Presentations exclusively for Resident Doctors
  • Free Paper Sessions
  • Award Paper/ Poster Sessions



National and International Trauma Faculty, eminent speakers and domain experts

Sessions on:

  • Current status and evolving technology in Trauma Care
  • Role of AI in HADR and Mass Casualty Scenarios
  • Navigational tools in Neurotrauma
  • Spinal Trauma – Fixation to Rehabilitation
  • Maxillofacial Trauma - Reconstruction & Newer technologies
  • Truncal Trauma – Tools you can use
  • Trauma Training and Education – Potential of smart gadgets
  • Tissue engineering, mesh prosthesis and Skin substitutes in Soft Tissue trauma
  • Newer technologies in Orthopaedic Trauma
  • Trauma Radiology – Image guided procedures
  • Trauma critical care – Newer concepts and protocols
  • Role of technology in Military Trauma
  • Integration of technology in Trauma prevention
  • New age orthosis and prosthetics in Trauma Rehabilitation
  • Special issues in Paediatric Trauma
  • Pre-hospital to rehab care – Smart use of technology
  • Damage control resuscitation – From crystalloids to common sense
  • Trauma registry – Backbone of a trauma system
  • Trauma Care Policies and protocols – Is the Govt. doing enough?
  • Role of Technology in Trauma Nursing
  • Critical Trauma Nursing
  • Wound care and technology
  • Miscellaneous Surgical and Nursing issues in Trauma Care